How to Enable PHP Multi-Threading with Debug Mode

PHP Multi-Threading with Debug Mode?

I was working with PHP 7.2 Multi-Threading using pthreads, which this article covers.

You need to install the PHP extension pthreads to be able to use multi-threading in PHP. This specific extension is crucial for enabling concurrent execution of PHP code threads, allowing you to achieve parallelism within your PHP applications.

Making sure to log errors when working with threads

One important aspect to note is that if you set up PHP ZTS (Zend Thread Safety) without debug enabled, it will not log any errors. This can be quite problematic during development and troubleshooting processes, as the absence of error logs can make it challenging to pinpoint issues and understand what might be going wrong.

Therefore, when setting it up, you need to ensure you install it with debug enabled. Enabling debug mode is essential as it allows PHP to log any errors that occur, providing you with detailed information to diagnose and resolve any issues that arise during the execution of your multi-threaded PHP applications.

When installed correctly it will show up as,

PHP 7.2.34 (cli) (built: Jun  2 2024 01:25:37) ( ZTS DEBUG )

if your installation doesn’t show (ZTS DEBUG) then you will need to rebuild it,

check PHP multi threads – Setup PHP 7.2cli with Multiple Threads (pthreads) on Ubuntu for detailed instructions, make sure you have following flag in your installation command when setting up PHP,


To check your installation has debug enabled, try and run following

php -i | grep 'Debug Build'

this should print

Build => yes

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