Startups I have worked with

Below is the list of startups I have worked with in my career,

  1. Lazy Applicant (Singapore)
  2. Beyond Phenom (US)
  3. Greek House (US)
  4. Socialize Your Bizness (US)
  5. Realstir (US)
  6. Sign Folder (US)
  7. (US)
  8. uCreate3d (US)
  9. TShirt Store PK (PK)
  10. Rentibl (US)
  11. Starmaps Australia (AU)
  12. Avatar Maker (UK)
  13. Car Salesmen Jobs (US)
  14. Web2print store (IN)
  15. Med School Mentors (US)
  16. Pupilo Tax Services (US)
  17. Good Life Utah (US)
  18. EZ Inquiry (UAE)
  19. Auto Parts Inq (UAE)
  20. Album Designer
  21. Avatar Deisgner
  22. Icon Editor (VN)
  23. Photobooth (US)
  24. Sticker Deisgner (UK)
  25. Storefront Deisgner (US)
  26. Web Viewings – WebRTC (US)

and counting…

Also look at the countries (teams) I have worked with.

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