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Pro Tip: How to avoid database deadlocks when working with CRON jobs

How to avoid deadlocks when working with CRON jobs

PHP multi threads – Setup PHP 7.2cli with Multiple Threads (pthreads) on Ubuntu

In this article I’m going to write steps required to setup PHP multi threads on your server. Why PHP multi threads – CLI Version: Running app on PHP 5.6 for web app but need PHP7.2 (pthreads) with multiple threads to run tasks at background so we can run multiple independent business logics without interfering with

How to leave a message after the beep using Twilio’s Answering Machine Detection

How to leave a message after the beep with Twilio API

Full Stack WordPress Developer

Hire experience full stack wordpress developer

[Solved] Error linking Payoneer to JazzCash

If you are experiencing errors linking Payoneer to your JazzCash account via JazzCash app then read on for a solution. Error: Unable to associate this funding source with your existing account. Problem: The new USD Debit cards being sent out by Payoneer do not support JazzCash. Our records show that your Payoneer account currently does

[Solved] Apache2 MySQL broken after logs deletion

How to fix broken Apache2 and MySQL on Ubuntu after cleaning old logs

My Experience with WordPress

My experience with wordpress and its develoment during the past 10 years and what services I can offer related to wordpress.

Steps & Decisions I would recommend teams to be successful

Q: What steps and decisions would you recommend the team take to be successful? I have worked with a lot of teams and startups over the years following are the things I would recommend to be successful, Setup proper communication Because communication is the key to everything, setting up a communication channel from choosing the

My Approach to building projects

How would you approach building multiple projects from scratch in a short timeframe?

Payoneer Fiasco

Payoneer’s cards stopped working last weekend. I was asked by a friend about the email they sent him on Saturday night. I couldn’t see the email so I check my email and saw this, Email sent by Payoneer So i went in and tried to withdraw my funds. I could not. I had a significant