My Experience with WordPress

My experience with wordpress and its develoment during the past 10 years and what services I can offer related to wordpress.

Steps & Decisions I would recommend teams to be successful

Q: What steps and decisions would you recommend the team take to be successful? I have worked with a lot of teams and startups over the years following are the things I would recommend to be successful, Setup proper communication Because communication is the key to everything, setting up a communication channel from choosing the

My Approach to building projects

How would you approach building multiple projects from scratch in a short timeframe?

Payoneer Fiasco

Payoneer’s cards stopped working last weekend. I was asked by a friend about the email they sent him on Saturday night. I couldn’t see the email so I check my email and saw this, Email sent by Payoneer So i went in and tried to withdraw my funds. I could not. I had a significant