Challenging Works/ Achievements:

  • I created and maintained a social network in 2009-2010 with 3000+ active users and 30K+ active traffic per month
  • I created a startup called later closed for social decisions making with demographic stats (charts included) i.e. how many are in favor of a specific decision, from which district, which city, what gender, what age etc. It was launched with 3 team members in 2015 and was closed in 2016 due to lack of funding. (I will try to get the screenshots if requested)
  • I created, configured, maintained an email server for mass email marketing, a services like sendgrid, which was able to send millions of emails per month from 0 experience in 3 months (details can be provided upon request) using proprietary software.
  • I created and helped in creating many customizable products softwares like online tshirt designer, card designer, cushions designer, hoodies designers with shopping features. See portfolio here
  • I helped create a 3d products designer for a sportswear brand based in US. Click Here To View Project
  • I created web hosting company for (dead) and for a local client, still active with billings systems, CRM, server architecture for selling KVM based VPS servers. Helped in creating shared hosting/ domain registration business.
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  • Different teams (regions) I have worked with 
  • I created an access to justice system for legal aid workers in Pakistan, based in remote areas, providing free legal aid to people in need. The centers recorded their daily data and generated reports on that data for managers & donars in various organizations to process. Read more here.
  • Lead a development team of 10 devs for 2+ years and worked for many organizations on exciting projects see Pakipreneurs

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